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live to love

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6/16/07 07:48 pm - random update #5495

+ i'm all graduated with my master's degree
+ i'm very happily dating the man of my dreams
+ i got all A's and 1 B this past semester (damn that B!!)
+ i'm going on a western caribbean cruise with the bf & his friends in 21 days!!!!
+ i am currently waitressing at a cute restaurant in burlington

- still looking for a teaching job (no luck yet!)
- not sure how i feel about being finished with school & growing up

o very anxious to get my own classroom
o very anxious to save money
o very anxious to move out!

12/28/06 01:38 pm - here is an update on things that have much relevance in my life

i'm home for winter break.
i'm single.
i got straight A's last semester (a first ever for me!)
i'm graduating in may.
i just finished student teaching and am now certified to be a real teacher (scary!)
i'm going to california in 2 weeks with my best friend.

8/27/05 08:30 pm - kurt's show

i had an awesome time! well worth the drive. so glad i had niki come with me! thanks again! now i'm pooped.

if anyone wants to view my pics from art star.. the link is here.

7/19/05 10:59 pm - every dollar helps

My sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and I will be involved in a Breast Cancer Walk in the Fall. We need to raise as much money as we can in order to help the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society is the only organization that fights breast cancer on all fronts - research, education, advocacy, and patient services. The money we raise supports all of these programs. I'm proud to help these efforts by walking in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. You can support them too by making a donation today. It's easy; simply log on to my personal Web page and pledge as much as you can.

I'm not asking for much. Just $1 will help and will go a long way. :)

Thanks so much to those who donate.

copy and paste the following into your browser:

6/20/05 10:56 pm - check this out


11/15/04 11:34 pm - i love this woman

"I positively fumed as I scanned the prices. Five, six, seven bucks for a box of cotton. Sixty, seventy bucks a year. Why the flying fuck should a woman have to pay some huge corporation over and over because the lining of her uterus naturally, biologically sheds every month?" Inga Muscio ~ Cunt.

3/14/04 11:30 am

missing the du crew.

3/3/04 07:55 pm

Directions: Choose a band/artist and answer the following questions solely using song titles of that band/artist.

Band/Artist Chosen: Jewel Kilcher
Are you male or female: Little Sister
Describe yourself: I’m Sensitive
How do some people feel about you: Innocence Maintained
How do you feel about yourself: Doin’ Fine
Describe your ex: Foolish Games
Describe your partner: You were meant for Me
Describe where you want to be: Barcelona
Describe what you want to be: Painters
Describe how you live: Absence of Fear
Describe how you love: What’s simple is True
Share a few words of wisdom: Everybody Needs Someone Sometime

2/5/04 10:42 pm - good times

school is good. i love hanging out with the crew:: jess, jon, mike, ndm, bueckert, amina, jenna, heather, arielle, lemar, pokey[sensei ninja], xtian, lc... i think that's it. if i forgot someone, let me know. good times all the time. thank you guys for making my college life everything is it supposed to be. i love each and every one of you in your own way. :)

cranium; trivial pursuit; kings; truth or dare; mario party 5; as bueckert says, chillaxin; and laughing; GOOD TIMES!

p.s. pete, you know i love you too, but you are in a far away land and i await the good times that will come with your presence next semester.


12/11/03 03:42 am - ND's version...

So it twas the night before wednesday.
And all through the DU, not a female was stirring for Mike to wake up to.
So he went out of doors with 4 other dorks.
Pete laden with cigars, and smirnoff in the pants of Lemar's.
Pokey with cancer in his lungs and both Mikes lookin for some sexual funs(with ladies, not each other or lemar).
After they were a wine-ing and a dine-ing in the room with the cheese. Lemar harkened unto thee. "Ho a journey I forsee."
So out they went with cancer filled sticks, in search of inebriated chicks. Wanderlust the 4 did seem, till they came upon the freshman scene.
Into the building the 4 men did go, To Erica's room Lemar doth rode. I jested as I should, for that hat upon my head said I could.
Thankfully we left the hell of holes, to see the RA of ole.
Lemar declared to Yianni he would go, with Pokey in tow,
Waiting for Pete, Mike got locked in phone booth and stayed for about a week.
When out he came to Rutherford we made way, for Pokey scaled the wall to the Wine and Cheese buffet.
Like chimneys we puffed on through the night, but never did I catch in my sight.
A lady for me that I could enjoy, but Ill always have that tuesday night chillin with ma boys.
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